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2021-001 Ordinance establishing Truck Route

ORDINANCE NO. 2021-001
An Ordinance Establishing Truck Routes in the City of Vergas.
For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
TRUCK. Any vehicle designed or operated for the transportation of property and whose
total weight loaded or unloaded exceeds 24,000 pounds.
TRUCK ROUTE. Any street, as designated in this ordinance, over and along which trucks shall operate.
All trucks operating within the City shall be operated only over and along the truck routes established, except that it shall not prohibit:
(A) The operation of trucks upon any street where necessary to the conduct of business at a destination point; provided that the streets upon which the traffic is permitted shall be used until reaching the intersection nearest the destination point.
(B) The operation of any emergency vehicles upon any streets.
(C) Electric utility trucks, refuse haulers, heating fuel trucks and school buses are given special permission to proceed with normal operations on their regularly established routes, and at all regularly established hours, to protect the health and welfare.
(D) The operation of trucks owned or operated by the City, public utilities or any contractor, while engaged in the repair, maintenance or construction of streets, street improvements, street utilities or other utilities.
(E) The operation of trucks upon any street that has been established and posted as a temporary truck route.
The following streets for truck routes shall be hereby established:
(A) All county highways within the City, currently identified as County Highway 4, County Highway 17 and County Highway 60.
(A) The City Clerk shall keep and maintain accurate maps, setting out the truck routes or streets upon which truck traffic shall be permitted, and the maps shall be available to the public.
(B) The Public Works Department shall cause all truck routes and streets upon which traffic is permitted to be clearly signed.
(C) Law enforcement officials having jurisdiction within the city limits shall have the authority to require any person driving or in control of any truck not proceeding over a truck route or street upon which truck traffic is permitted to proceed  to any  public or private scale available for the purpose of weighing and determining whether the truck complies with this ordinance.
(D) In addition to the driver or operator, the owner of any  truck  being operated with his or her permission and consent shall be liable for any violation of the provisions of this ordinance.
See §92.99
Adopted this 13 day of July 2021.