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2021 City Council Minutes

Virtual Zoom Meeting-cityofvergas.com
Tuesday, January 12, 2021 
6:30 pm

Vacation and Dedication of Glen Street


Virtual Zoom Meeting-cityofvergas.com
Tuesday, January 12, 2021 (following the Public Hearing)
(Reminder the Frazee-Vergas Forum is recording this meeting and all information discussed is public information)
(In order to run an efficient meeting, please do not repeat comments and limit them to 3 minutes or less.)


1. Call to order
2. Oath of Office for Mayor Julie Bruhn, Council Member Natalie Fischer & Bruce Albright
3. Mayor’s State of Address
4. Council Orientation on iPad
5. Council Member Appointment
6. Citizens’ Concerns - Council will recognize citizens who may have items for the Council.  Citizens please state your name and address for the record.  Council may ask questions for clarification or explanation, but no council action will be held on these items.
7. Additions or Deletion to Agenda (City Council or City Staff Only)
8. Approval of Consent Agenda.  The following are non-controversial items intended to be approved with one motion, without discussion.  If a council member, staff, or member of the public would like to discuss an item(s), please ask that it be removed, and it will be placed elsewhere on the agenda. 
a. Council Minutes of the December 8, 2020
b. Bills paid between Council meetings and Council bills
c. Liquor Store bills for December 2020
d. General Fund/Special Revenue Money Market Account Report 
e. 2021 Investment Schedule/Bond Schedule
f. Late water/sewer bills
9. Set Time, Place, & Date of Regular 2021 Meetings
10. Appointment of Acting Mayor
11. Appointment of 
a. Council Portfolios
b. CDH-Vergas Fire Board Representative
c. Planning Commission Representative
d. Economic Development Authority (EDA) Representative
e. Appoint City Attorneys: Peloquin Law Office, P.A. 
f. Designate Official Newspaper: Frazee-Vergas Forum
e. Designation of official place of advertisement of projects:  cityofvergas.com website
f. Designate Official Depositories: Vergas State Bank
g. Planning Commission Appointment (Paul Pinke and Gus Bruhn)
h. Economic Development Authority/Housing Redevelopment Authority Appointment 
12. Glen Street Vacation/Dedication
13. Committee Reports
a. Streets
i. Snow plowing
b. Park Board 
c. Economic Development Authority/Housing Authority
d. Personnel
14. Staff Reports
a. COVID-19 
i. City Update 
ii. Water and Sewer application expired December 31, 2020
b. Utilities Superintendent Report
i. Parks
ii. Water and Sewer
iii. Streets
iv. West Lake Street Property
c. Liquor Store Manager Report
15. Information and Announcements
a. LMC 2021 Elected Leaders Institute- January 19-February 26, 2021 (Albright, Fischer & new member)
b. MN Clerks & Finance Conference-June 15-18, 2021 (Lammers) St Cloud
c. MN Rural Water Conference – Aug.24-26, 2021 (DuFrane) St Cloud 
d. Clerks Advanced Academy-September 2021 (Lammers)
e. LMC, Loss Control Workshop (DuFrane, Engebretson, Lammers) 
f. League of MN Cities Annual Conference (Mayor, Council & Lammers)
g. Municipal Beverage Association (MMBA), (Lammers) Arrowwood 
16. Adjournment