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City Council Meetings

Virtual Meeting-cityofvergas.com
6:30 P.M. on Tuesday, May 12, 2020
(Reminder the Frazee-Vergas Forum is recording this meeting and all information discussed is public information)
(In order to run an efficient meeting, please do not repeat comments and limit them to 3 minutes or less.)


  1. Call to order
  2. Citizens’ Concerns - Council will recognize citizens who may have items for the Council.  Citizens please state your name and address for the record.  Council may ask questions for clarification or explanation, but no council action will be held on these items.Additions or Deletion to Agenda (City Council or City Staff Only)
  3. Approval of Consent Agenda.  The following are non-controversial items intended to be approved with one motion, without discussion.  If a council member, staff, or member of the public would like to discuss an item(s), please ask that it be removed, and it will be placed elsewhere on the agenda.
    1. Council Minutes of April 14, 2020
    2. Bills paid between Council meetings and Council bills
    3. Voided Checks
    4. Liquor Store bills for April 2020
    5. Late water/sewer bills
      1. COVID19 applications-no one has applied
  4. Financial Report
    1. Procurement Policy
    2. Budget Review
  5. Construction Permits
    1. 100 Townline Road – 16x35 deck
  6. Requests
    1. Attic Shoppe Lease
    2. Liquor License
    3. Census Hero
  7. Mark Sand and Gravel Compliance Report
  8. 2019 Street Project 
  9. KLJ Engineering Contract
  10. Committee Reports
    1. Planning Commission
    2. Park Board
      1. 4/23/2020
      2. 4/28/2020
        1. Trail Committee
  11. Staff Reports
    1. COVID-19 City Update 
    2. Utilities Superintendent Report
      1. Parks
      2. Water and Sewer
      3. Streets
    3. Liquor Store Manager Report
  12. Mayor’s Report
  13. Information and Announcements
    1. Vet Clinic, May 21 from 3:30 to 6:00 pm
    2. Hazardous Waste Day July 10, 2020 (volunteers needed)
  14. Adjournment