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Vergas Community Club


 The Vergas Community Club meets the first Monday of each month at 6:00 pm in the meeting room the Vergas Event Center. Please join us. Everyone is welcome. 

Vergas Community Members
Vergas is looking for Grand Marshal(s) nominations for the 2016 Looney Daze parade. Please email any nominations or return this nomination form to:
Looney Daze Parade Chair
440 S Pelican Ave
Vergas MN 56587
Email: Lhoffmann2@hotmail.com
Or drop off form at the Vergas Liquor Store
Reason for Nomination (Must have some connection/affiliation to the city of Vergas….please explain why you think this nomination would be a good fit for the Grand Marshall):_____________________
Nominations accepted until June 13th. Voting at Vergas State Bank June 20th through July 15th.
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Mailing Address for -
Vergas Community Club
PO Box 264
Vergas, MN 56587




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